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Paul PERRIN, President

Retired General, former Commander of a parachutist regiment and head of the French Army reserves, Paul Perrin is a military information expert in Africa, Near and Middle East. He has a deep knowledge of the African continent, where he has spent 6 years on various missions.

He is also a specialist in men management and training, in operation organisation and in crisis management. He has all the experience and competences necessary for a project related to ex-combatants and childsoldiers.

He is an Officer of the Legion of Honour and of Order of Merit (France and Central Africa).


Bernard LE VAN XIEU, Past President

”Saint-Cyrien” and retired Colonel, Bernard (Bernie) Le Van Xieu holds a MA in International Relations. He is fluent in French and English. He was a political advisor at the Peacekeeping and Political Departments at the UN in New York during seven years. He was also an export sales executive for a company selling humanitarian equipment, and an export sales engineer specialised in demining goods and services for SOFEMA (working with the UN and the EU).

He is the current Business Development Manager of the CEDS in Paris, and a volunteer General Manager of another NGO. He is an expert in international organisations, especially the UN. He has a deep knowledge of the various conflicts all over the world and on the issues threatening peacekeeping. He was elected as ECI President.


Henri PINARD LEGRY, Alternate Project Manager

Retired General, former Commander of the 4th Foreign Regiment and deputy director in military information analysis, he spent several years on missions in Africa. He assumed top responsibilities in various operations, especially in Africa, as a specialist in men management and training.

He is currently the managing director of partnerships at the IHEDN (a famous interdepartmental think tank. His humanity and publications are widely recognized. His engagement for ECI DDR project answers to his deep aspiration and his proven competences. He is an Officer of the Legion of Honour and of Order of Merit (France).


Henri ROURE, Alternate Project Manager

Retired General, Henri Roure holds a doctorate in Internal Relations. He exercised operational responsibilities in Africa and commanded a French regiment in Gabon. His experience gave him a deep knowledge of the African continent and specialised him in crisis management. He exercised high degree responsibilities in officers training, as a man of high intercultural skills.

He has become a key-specialist about the reintegration and rehabilitation of ex-combatants and child-soldiers issue through his experience and competences in Africa.


Michel AVELANGE, Project Manager

« Saint-Cyrien », alumnus from La Sorbonne, INALCO, and various foreign Institutes (Damascus and Tunis) in Arabic and Islamic Studies, Michel Avelange is a retired field officer. Specialist of Africa and the Middle-East, he has assumed high ranking positions in various countries as well as an officer or a civilian official. He is currently an ECI Project Manager.


Olivia LAOUREUX, Secretary General

With more than 10 years of experience in administrative management, communication and customer service, in the recent years Olivia Laoureux ran two companies.

An outsourcing company which was specialized in organization, coordination, financial, administrative and human resources management.

Her strong artistic training (Ecole du Louvre and Drouot Formation) and her passion for arts have led her to acquire an art gallery that has operated for several years. She sold luxury paintings to a clientele of connoisseurs, wealthy and demanding, and organized many events to promote local as well as international artists.

Very sensitive regarding humanitarian causes, she participates actively in Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration of child soldiers and joined ECI as Chief Finance Officer.


Emmanuel LENAIN, Chief Fundraising Officer

Diploma: International Institut of Strategy and Diplomacy of Paris – International Master of Business – INSEEC PARIS and SAN JOSE University CALIFORNIA

15 years of experiences in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East


Irène Bogicevic, Program & Partnership Officer

Irène holds two Master’s degrees, one in International Relations & International Law, another one in International Business & Cross-cultural Negotiation.

Also trained in Psychology, she specialized herself in Sustainable Development, especially in Environmental Migration and in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Having lived in Anglo-Saxon countries, she acquired a fluent level in English.

Teaching at the University, in Business Schools, and counselling in companies, she builds training programs in french/english in various topics such as Project Management, Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility. She also works on training programs adapted to young populations in Africa.

Very sensitive regarding humanitarian causes, she is Vice-President of the French Red Cross (Bois-Colombes) and joined ECI as a Program & Partnership Officer.


Katia Fabregas, Communication Officer

She holds a Degree in Public Law and is currently working as Human Resources Officer at the Cour des Comptes (National General Accounting Office in Paris). She has worked as HR Officer at INSERM (French equivalent to WHO) and is a volunteer as Communication Officer within ECI in order to improve awareness on the child-soldiers issue (bys & girls).


Daniel Prak, Chief Logistics & Finance Officer

Retired Field Officer with an extensive experience in Logistics, Operations service support and supply in France and overseas, particularly in West Africa. He also got a deep experience in Camp Management in the field. Currently holds a position as General Service Manager for a large interministerial Agency in Paris.


Hassatou BALDE, Senior Legad

Doctor in law of University of Paris1 Pantheon Sorbonne.

Researcher at OPSA (Observatoire pour la Paix et la Sécurité en Afrique) : Research on peace and security


Coordination UNO-African Organizations in peace management, Editions universitaires européennes, ISBN-13: 978-613-1-59590-5;novembre 2011

Landmine Monitor Report 2008, pp, 192-203, 228-241, 278-293, 294-296, 603-616, Mines Action, Canada.


Marie Paule BABLI, LEGAD & OPS Officer

Graduated with a Masters degree in Public International law Marie-Paule Babli worked in the USA and the UK as a legal officer for numerous Nonprofit Organizations in the field of human rights.

She provided assistance to victims of violations of human rights, negotiated with government authorities, wrote letters to authors of legal violations on the basis of international humanitarian law.

She is currently working as a law Professor but her goal is to be completely involved in a NGO in the humanitarian field for which she feels a deep attraction.

This is the reason for which she is voluntarily involved as a Legal officer in ECI fighting for the reintegration of child soldiers and street children.


Nicolas LE VAN XIEU, LEGAD & Procurement Officer

He holds a MA in Public Law and is currently working as Jurist and Public Markets Manager at the INSERM (French equivalent to WHO). After his studies in Middle-East, Berlin, Texas, and New York, he attended a school of computer engineering, before graduating in Law. He is fluent in English and French.

Very sensitive regarding humanitarian causes, he is a volunteer for a NGO specialised in international development and for ECI as a Legal Officer.


Cyril MUSILA, Liaison Officer with local government

University professor in Paris and geopolitical expert in African conflicts, Cyril Musila specialised in the Great Lakes region. He conducted transborder cooperation and post-war reconstruction programmes in this region, as a member of the OECD and the UN.

He is regularly consulted by the high authorities of his native country in DRC, where he is recognized for his high-mindedness, his diplomatic skills and his deep-knowledge of the territory and actors. Professor Cyril Musila is a major asset to the success of DDR projects.


Jacqueline PAUMIER, Training Manager

She is a licentiate in Law and studied in Sciences Po in Paris. She hold various positions in different Ministries (for instance, at the Ministry of Industry, the Council of State and the Administrative Court).

She works as a volunteer on a project of unemployed training and social reintegration and for the juridical protection of fragile persons and children in difficulty. She is the international jurist representative at the UNESCO.

She is at the head of the Training Department in another NGO.


Louisette LE FERS, Training Manager

Holds a MA in Politics and was a Professor of Economics. She is very concerned by the fate of poor populations, especially in Africa. Having a good knowledge of this continent and willing to make a difference, she decided to join several organisations in order to promote her ideals of peace, tolerance, and to defend Human Rights.

She is the managing director of the French Federation UNESCO Clubs Federal Council, which aims at training citizens according to the values proned by UNESCO. She is lead to interact often with children and adolescents in this context.

At the head of HAMAP TRAINING, she is involved in a current project of building a school in Burkina Faso for street children, child and adult literacy, adult training and malaria prevention.


Louis DIATTA, Reintegration Project Officer

Holds two Master degrees in International Relations from the Center of Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (CEDS) Paris and the University of Dakar –Senegal. I additionally hold a diploma in the Politics of Sub-Saharian and Southern Africa from Sciences-Po Bordeaux – France.

Experience and interest in conflict resolution in Africa. Has specifically carried out extensive studies on Demobilization, Disarmament and Reintegration (DDR) in various African countries at CEDS and the sociology of conflict on the Great Lakes Region with the DR CONGO at Sciences Po. He also produced several works on the process of conflict resolution by the UN and the AU in the Great Lakes region. This research equipped him with theoretical tools that are mandatory for understanding and analyzing salient issues that come to play in the contemporary African Conflicts, their management and also their legal aspects.

He moreover has gained professional work experience in this field; since he coordinated the DDR activities of the NGO HAMAP (anti-mine activities) and ECI (Euro Cooperation Ingenierie) for two years. During this time he gained professional experience through ex cution of duties comparable to those of the proposed Tender.

His knowledge, skills, acumen can positively contribute to the effectiveness of the Bid implementation ; specifically, his masterly of both English and French, his excellent organization skills, his enthusiastic character among others will facilitate a meticulous and efficient execution of the duties involved in the Tender in Sudan.


Jean-Claude WITANDAY, DDR Officer

Trained as a psychopedagologist and native from Congo, Jean Claude Witanday is a member of the scientific body at the Pedagogical University in Kinshasa. He worked with various Non Governmental Organisations and UN Agencies in the logistical department and as Social Assistant to armed conflicts victims in DRC during 12 years.

He gained an experience on ground in Demobilization, Disarmament, and Reintegration, helping the community in family research, re-uniting and reinserting child-soldiers and/or IRC (International Red Cross) excombatants in their family.

He is currently a Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) advisor in a project of Support to the Health System Rehabilitation in the equatorial region in DRC and a volunteer DDR Officer at ECI.


Elodie PELOIS, DDR Officer

MA Student in Humanitarian Management and NGO Organisation , she is finalising her university year at HAMAP.

Very sensitive to the DDR and child-soldiering cause, she decided to join ECI and HAMAP as a volunteer. She is currently working on excombatants Demobilization, Disarmament and Demobilization in Africa and on hydraulic projects in Cambodia.


Chady HAGE-ALI, Political Affairs Officer

Holds a MA in International Relations. He is particularly interested in post-modern conflicts analysis (infra-state and asymmetrical) in Middle-East and Africa.

Very sensitive to the impact of those conflicts on local populations’ life and concerned by the future of their youth, he joined ECI and HAMAP as a volunteer. He is working on Demobilization, Disarmament and Reintegration project in Africa and on a demining project in Lebanon.


Claire TRAMOND, Project Officer

She holds a master degree in Public law and in geopolitics. After two years with a professionnal Association in the agro-industry sector organising French business missions in subsaharian African countries, she spent two years in Kenya with a French NGO, teaching Law at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Back in France, she decided to get involved in the humanitarian sector and integrated a master degree in Management of humanitarian projects.

She is currently finalising her master degree with HAMAP and holds the volunteer job as DDR Project Manager (rear HQ in Paris).


Nicolas PUPIER, Public Relations Representative

Nicolas Pupier holds a MA in Western civilisation and a doctorate in British Literature. He is currently working in the field of communication and journalism. Sensitive to the DDR and child-soldiering cause, he joined ECI as a volunteer. He is in charge of various communication and public relations projects.


Emilie KUHN, Procurement and Tender Officer

Holds of a Master’s degree in Education and presently taking a Master’s degree in Business Management, she has worked in the net of French Foreign Cooperation as a teacher and manager. After a work experience in Haiti, she decided to get involved in the field of development and humanitarian cooperation with both HAMAP and ECI NGOs by working as a volunteer Procurement & Tender Officer.

She is also active on various projects, from DDR to healthcare assistance to emerging countries.


Jean-Philippe SAMSON, Webmaster

Holds of a Master’s degree in French American Management. Thanks to its self learning skills he is active in the webmastering of ECI-DDR’s Blogs and website.

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